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Also known as Stone Bear, has been helping young people grow for more 30 years. He brings a wealth of culture and woods craft to the Passages team. In addition to the helping profession, he says he's been everything including an FM radio DJ. "He's got the classic DJ voice. He "came out of retirement" in 2020 to join PA. He's been a great resource while he has put boots on the ground and a paddle in the water. He's explored our operating area from the seat of a canoe and supported groups with a skiff. He has been working hard to develop the culture here that combines the wisdom from the foundations of experiential learning with the cutting edge, person centered approach that fuels the adventures at Passages Alaska.

Kevin is a retired Naval officer that settled on Prince of Wales Island. He has been working with youth on a volunteer basis for many years. It seemed like a natural progression to combine this with his bush crafting and naturalist skills, to serve the young men at Passages Alaska as a professional guide. He's always up for a challenge and believes in the value of hard work. He and his chocolate lab co facilitator, Squid make a great team.

Eva came to the passages team in 2020 with a degree in psychology and nutrition. She is a Yoga instructor and Reiki practitioner. Eva proved herself to be a natural talent in the woods, on the water, and while working with the staff and students alike. In addition to her guide and people skills she prepares some of the best trail food on the planet. She's paddled over 1000 miles, exploring our operating area and and learning the guide craft for three years and she has moved into a lead guide position for 2023

Also known as Rising Mountain, he has worked with adolescents and young adults in a variety of settings and capacities for more than 15 years. Marty has a passion for wilderness, fishing, helping others, and spending time with his wife and four children. Currently, Marty is enrolled in a master's program for Clinical Mental Health Counseling with Liberty University. After the completion of his degree, Marty plans to become a full-time clinician with Passages Alaska where he can continue to enjoy the wilderness at its finest.

Tori Brown

Field Guide

Ryan Bowser (with Milo)

Lead Guide

Sean is the owner and Clinical Director at Passages Alaska and has been living here since 2009. He earned a Master of Social work degree (LCSW) from Walla Walla University and has been a mental health clinician since 2003. Sean has a wide variety of work experience including working at an in-patient psychiatric unit, working in community mental health with children and families, being an emergency room crisis manager. He also became a Coast Guard certified boat captain and spent a summer working as a saltwater fishing guide. Throughout these different jobs and other life experiences he has come to find that his professional love is Outdoor Adventure Therapy and since then has been leading therapeutic adventure trips in Alaska for 13 years. In his own words he says, “I’ve felt the peace and wonder that Alaska inspires and I'm excited to be able to bring Passages Alaska to both staff and the families that we serve.”

Sean Tomkinson LCSW

Founder / Clinical Director

Joshua Mendenhall

Field Director

Kevin Stone (with squidward)

Lead Guide

Eva christensen

Senior Guide

Cedar Houser

Lead Guide

Cedar is a year-round staff at Passages Alaska. She has a passion for primitive/survival living, nature connection, and developing a relationship to the land. She facilitates her knowledge of the natural world and skills into growth and connection with the students. She is currently pursuing mountaineering and discovering the importance of endurance, challenges, and accomplishments in one's life. She has a fondness for animal tracking, friction fire, early human history, bow making/hunting, stone tools, plants, and birds.

Marty Stock

Clinical Intern

Tori is a seasonal guide who grew up in Minnesota and has been paddling in the boundary waters since childhood. She is a certified forest therapy guide and has facilitated many forest therapy walks to explore how nonhuman relationships in nature can benefit relationship building and awareness. When not working in the field she enjoys traveling, rock climbing, and skiing in the winter. She is currently in school for psychology with goals of becoming a clinical therapist. Tori believes nature has a profound impact on how people connect with each other through nature and outdoor recreation.

Bowser is a seasonal guide who moved here from North Carolina for the summer to join the team. He has several years of experience in the field of wilderness healing and working with youth. Accompanied by his furry friend, "Milo", he is someone that everyone enjoys being around and brings an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding to any situation he's in.

Lisa Sutton

Marketing Consultant

Lisa is our marketing consultant. She has been in the therapeutic program industry to over 30 years and by all reports, "she knows everybody." She has a wealth of industry and market wisdom. She has been representing Passages Alaska and providing insight and coaching for three years now. She's proven herself to be a solid deck hand on fishing trips and a wonderful co-host when we have program visitors.

Bobby LARUE (With wya)

Lead Guide

Bobby has a broad range of experience that spans all the way from youth mentorship to guiding abroad. He joined the team at Passages Alaska in 2020 . Bobby brings a sense of calm and safety to an expedition. His knowledge of the water and woods made him an immediate valuable resource to the group. In addition to his woods wise presence he's a talented musician that never hesitates to share his gifts.

Come join us in the last frontier!

Have interest in working towards the cause of the future generation? Working and living in remote Alaska isn't for everyone but for those with experience in the outdoors and working with youth, this might be just what you're looking for. For guide positions a mindset of continual learning, regard for others, and resiliency is a must.